The road to hell is paved with neutral intentions

The BBC decided to mark the first (and hopefully last) anniversary of Trump’s inauguration by asking people around the world what they thought of him. Check it out

Of course, being the BBC, they had to ensure ‘neutrality’ and ‘objectivity’. This meant that they had to find people who actually supported him – that’s fine – but they had to give them equal time to those who opposed him. So, they drag up some right-wing Israelis to crow their support.

There’s no such thing as neutrality or objectivity in journalism and the BBC’s commitment to it just makes it complicit in legitimating the system’s lurch towards authoritarianism, dictatorship, fascism, and hate.

Adolf Hitler was elected Germany’s Chancellor in 1933. I don’t know how the BBC covered his first anniversary, but can imagine a vox populi being produced with similar views as the one produced here for Trump’s anniversary.

‘Oh, he’s a visionary!’ ‘The economy is reviving!’ ‘The trains are running on time again!’

The BBC is a huge organisation that generates an incredible, often wonderful, and occasionally critical and even subversive output across its TV, and radio channels. However, in its news coverage, the BBC looks like it’s institutionally locked into its commitment to objectivity.  Sadly, as this video shows, we can’t look to the BBC here to shine a light in the darkness exposing the rising fascist politics of the ‘mainstream’.


  3 comments for “The road to hell is paved with neutral intentions

  1. Anonymous
    January 12, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    The BBC is only objective on selected subjects. At other times it is far from objective. Check out the work of the guys over at Medialens for information on BBC bias. Plus read the works of Greg Philo on it’s Palistinian coverage and Piers Robinson on it’s coverage of the Scottish refurendum. Also read Tom Mill’s book ,The BBC, Myth of a Public Service.It idoes the public no service to suggest the BBC is an objective outfit. It is what it is designed for selling the currant cultural paradigm as demanded by it’s paymasters andno that is not the public.

    • January 12, 2018 at 5:22 pm

      Thanks Anonymous!
      Yes, the Palestinian example is probably THE best example of what I tried to point out here. Of course, my point was not original, as the sources you mention highlight.
      Thanks for reading and contributing!

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