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Send your love to Donald Trump

Dear friends,

I’ve not been writing any blogposts recently. I’m having a big moment in my life right now. I am trying to move to a higher level of consciousness, which has made me try to reflect on everything I do and the motivations behind all my actions.

As I recognise (intellectually if not yet fully spiritually) the oneness of all life, of all living entities, and the illusion of separateness maintained so powerfully by the ego, I have come to question the appropriateness or otherwise of blogging in this context. The inner dialogue goes something like this:

Joel 1: ‘Who are you to blog? What makes you so damn special?’

Joel 2: ‘I’m not. This is what my blog has been about – encouraging others to believe in themselves as intellectuals able to understand the world and as political ‘agents of history’ able to change it. But, I recognise openly now that my blogging was influenced greatly by my ego: a belief that, if I’m fully frank with myself, while everyone could understand and change the world, I had a special knowledge to impart; that I had a special part to play; that my destiny was to change the world; that readership would affirm my individuality and its greatness. I checked my viewing figures; I thirsted for likes on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, readers’ comments in an egotistical way. This egotistical part must stop.’

Joel 1: ‘So, blogging’s really been all about you, then?’

Joel 2: ‘I openly admit this dimension of it, yes, but it was also genuinely about seeking to give love through the way I was able to give it – through the knowledge and writing skills I have been fortunate to acrue. Through my blogposts, I have genuinely sought to encourage and support others. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s a good thing. I am touched by the spoken and written words of others – of philosophers, theorists, poets, friends, loved ones. They inspire me to live, love, grow. If others’ words can inspire me, why can my words not possibly inspire others? And if I believe in, I know of, a radical equality and unity of all human beings then am I not also one of those human beings? Just as I would encourage any human being to express their humanity, to make their voice hear, why should I not encourage myself also?’

Joel 1: ‘So, what are you going to do now, then?’

Joel 2: ‘I’m not quite sure. I have been blogging regularly for quite a while now. I know that people do read my blogposts, and I know that people have been inspired by them. Why should I not, then, continue to write? I will. I will continue to write. But, I will write in a way now that is centred not in ego, but more fully in love. Ironically, this may well mean writing more about myself because now that I recognise how we are not really very different at all, that all the demons in my head, all the fears and addictions, are those in the heads and hearts of my readers too, I should use this blog to try to break down the barriers that keep us all stuck in the illusion of separateness by writing openly about my fears, my addictions, my weaknesses. I will do this. Feminists have taught us that ‘the personal is political’, i.e. the ways in which we think, feel, speak, and act are shaped by our social environment. Thus, it’s also equally the case that ‘the political is personal’, i.e. that transformation begins from within ourselves and that the most powerful way to seek to help others transform is to be that change with all our hearts and souls, to lead by example. This is the only way. Love is the only way. I will do my best to write blogposts from a position of love.’

Yeah, that’s just a sample of the inner dialogue for you. But, on that loving note, I’ve just been inspired by someone and I want to pass that inspiration on. This person just told me that when she watched the news of Donald Trump’s presidential election victory, she felt a pang of shock, and then decided that the only possible thing she could do then and there was to send him love. So, let’s all do just that.

I’m not saying that we mustn’t organise, defend rights and freedoms, oppose hatred and bigotry, and work together to create sustainable, just, democratic alternatives. I’m saying that we are consciousness and that Donald Trump has been given an immense amount of our collective energy – positive and negative – to get into this position of power, so if millions of people could send out love to Donald Trump right now this would, at the very least, create a huge amount of loving energy in the world and could possibly affect his consciousness and, consequently, improve the lives of millions of humans and other living creatures.

So, please just take five minutes to sit down, close your eyes, and picture Donald Trump. Picture him with loving compassion. Personally, I picture Donald as a frightened and vulnerable human being, desperate for approval, desperate for anyone and everyone’s love, desperate for the love of his father. Sit with your compassionate image of Donald and send him your unconditional love and compassion…
Then let’s pray – for those fearing reprisals from his election, for those people, families, children fearing expulsion, for the natural world fearing further destruction, for those who will feel greater hunger and poverty if he seeks to implement his plans.

And then let’s all get together and really catalyse what has already begun – the building of the new from the amassing ruins of the old.

With love


5 thoughts on “Send your love to Donald Trump”

    1. I’ve been called worse! If that’s true then it’s probably because anyone who tries to speak from, with, through loving consciousness fundamentally speaks the same language. Thank you, Remanandhra, for reading and for your encouraging comment!

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with the idea that our consciousness affects the world around us – I started following your blog originally because many of your ideas resonated with me. I’d been an ‘activist’ for want of a beter word since the 70’s trying to bring about a change in the way we do things. In tha tsense 2016 could count as a pretty awful year for someone who wants to see more inclusive less exploitative ways of living on this planet. I’ve come to the conclusion that the heart of it is exactly what you are saying in this post. Interestingly enough today I also read another article you might find it worth reading. More and more it seems people need to come togetther not divide and understanding and empathy is the start. The next step is doing wha tyou suggestso yes I’ll be sending love to Trump and I’ll also refuse to give in to teh climate of fear being stoked by the media and the governing elite. Keep blogging.

    1. Dear Adegrandis
      Deep thanks for your comment. I’m actually extremely positive about our situation. Yes, I’m fearful also, but I see below the radar the new world being born out of the old.
      Thanks for the Eisenstein piece. I agree, of course.
      I will keep blogging.
      Thank you

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