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Learning materials for current UK housing crisis

Hi there,

I’ve put together these resources for the next meeting of our learning group, Oxford Democracy-Builders. It’s at 8pm on Weds 2nd December probably at the West Oxford Primary School, but I need to confirm that. So if you’re about please come along. No need to read anything. No test. It’s just a friendly and welcoming discussion where every single person brings something unique and important.


Housing Crisis learning materials

What’s going on?

House prices: Mind the gap, BBC, 14th October 2015 (video)

Where can I afford to live? BBC Housing Calculator

Youth homelessness figure eight times higher than Government admits, says charity

If you’re a family on the National Living Wage, here’s where you can afford David Cameron’s new starter homes, The Independent, Oct 7th, 2015



Housing Crisis: Mapping the drivers

Unaffordable housing: causes, consequences, solutions, Institute for Economic Affairs, 12 March 2015

George Osborne’s housing-based revival stands on flawed foundations, Larry Elliott, The Guardian, October 5th, 2015

Buyers from outside Oxford pushing up city property prices, Oxford Mail, 20th February, 2015

The Economist, The Tories’ affordable-housing plan is a middle-class giveaway, Oct 8th, 2015

Britain is suffering from a housing crisis – who is to blame and how can we fix it?, The Independent, 10th Feb, 2014

Renting your way to poverty: welcome to the future of housing, Danny Dorling, The Telegraph, 2nd June 2015


A ticking time-bomb?

Deutsche Bank: We can already see how London’s insane property bubble will end

Mortgages: Nearly one million ‘face difficulties’


What can we do?

The taxing question of land

Proposal to build 3.5m homes in 40 UK towns wins the £250,000 Wolfson Prize

Housing: It’s in Our Hands


2 thoughts on “Learning materials for current UK housing crisis”

  1. An up-and-coming issue at the centre of Edinburgh – The issue relates to the Meadows (a piece of commonly-use land 9a “park) immediately to the south of Edinburgh City centre. Generations of children (including Michele’s and my son) have played there, especially in the summers. The issue is that Edinburgh City Councul is becoming increasingly keen to rentout sections of the Meadows to Festival-style events (which are not free to access) thereby ending or curtailing the Meadows’ “common use”tradition”. Speaking for myself, I think the notion of an “urban commons” is becoming more and more urgent/topical. The issue is, I think, one where “we” (in hopefully-massive numbers can make a difference. I have a sense that 2015 may be the year where the notuin of “revolutionary luncheon parties” might take root.

    – Richard Gunn

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