Call for feedback

Dear all,

I have been blogging regularly here for a fair while now and interest is steadily increasing. Therefore, I think it’s a good time to put a call out for feedback. If you read this blog please do feel free to let me know what you like about it, but also, more importantly, how I can improve it.

Are my posts too long? Is the language pitched ok? I seek to treat my readers with intellectual faith and respect, but I do want to write with clarity and, to the greatest possible extent, simplicity. Are there any questions you might have for me? Anything you might want to tell me to help me make this a better blog I’d be delighted to hear, so please do write.

You can contact me at agentofhistory dot com at gmail dot com

I spelled it out cos I think that means it lessens my chances of getting a whole load of junk mail. Let me know if that’s not correct.



  2 comments for “Call for feedback

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